Bukit Bamboo Display Ladder - White

Bukit Bamboo Display Ladder - White

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Bamboo Display Ladder from Maine & Crawford

Add character to your living area, study, bathroom or dressing room with the Bukit Bamboo Ladder!

Store and display your towels in a unique way with this decorative bamboo ladder. This bamboo towel ladder is made of high-quality bamboo.

The display ladder is strong and highly durable for years of use and it is uniquely designed to be used as a towel rack in the bathroom or as a decoration in your home.

It is also strong enough to be functionally used for general household chores.

  • Material: Bamboo

  • Dimensions: 180cm x 45cm 

  • 5 Rungs

  • Easy to assemble bathroom ladder

  • You can hang fresh or used towels from the rungs for easy access or drying.