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Linen Cushion - Koalas

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Koala Cushion

A gorgeous linen cushion featuring two koalas.

50 x 50cm


In January 2020, we experienced the worst bushfire disaster in Australian history, fuelled by consecutive record-breaking summers and severe drought. These catastrophic summer bushfires impacted more than 3 billion animals - among them over 6,000 koalas that sadly perished in the flames in NSW alone. Some of our last remaining populations are now officially extinct.  

Koalas were already clinging to survival before these fires - but WWF-Australia is determined to turn this tragedy around. Koalas Forever aims to DOUBLE koala numbers across eastern Australia by 2050 by ensuring that koalas are not only protected and have safe habitat, but that populations are healthy and truly thriving too.

Donate now to the Koalas Forever Appeal.