Tilley's Aroma Natural Range Glass Dome Diffuser from Manjimup Homemakers is a vaporiser which can be used independently or with pure Australian essential oils for therapeutic benefit. Tilley's is Australian Made and a quality essential oil brand in Australia. Shop the range at Manjimup Homemakers.

Tilley Aroma Natural Glass Dome Diffuser

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The Aroma Natural Range

Tilley's Ultrasonic Diffusers can be used independently or with Tilley's pure essential oils for therapeutic benefit.

With no heating element, these multifunctional units air-purify, ionise and humidify without creating condensation, which disperses essential oils in their purest form and automatically switches off when the water depletes.

- Humidifier
- Air Purifier & Ioniser
- No Heating Element
- No Condensation
- Multi-Coloured Night Lamp
- Automatic Switch Off
- Maximum Operation Time 8 Hours

Use with Tilley's Essential Oils - Australian Made.