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Vinturi On-Bottle Wine Aerator

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Vinturi On-Bottle Wine Aerator

This wine aerator will surely elevate your wine experience.
Created from superior technology, this aerator is combined with a timeless design that will invigorate your senses. 
You will know the aerator is at work when you hear the unique sound of air being infused with your wine, a sound that can only be heard from the patented technology of Vinturi by Ladelle.
In seconds, your aerator will enhance the flavours of your white and red wine leaving your beverage with a smooth finish.  Simply place the aerator into your bottle and pour a glass of perfectly aerated wine. 

  • Individually sold
  • 13cm in length
  • Designed with patented Vinturi technology
  • Aerate wine in seconds not hours 
  • Better bouquet
  • Enhances flavour of wine
  • Provides a smoother finish

Made in the USA.